4 Tips for How to Know When to Handle Roadside Trouble Yourself and When to Call a Tow CompanyDealing with car troubles is never fun but it gets even worse when the problems start on the road. It’s important to understand your limits and be able to identify what auto issues you can deal with yourself and when it’s time to call a tow truck – the difference can literally be life and death!

With a bit of understanding you will be able to see the situation clearly and take the correct course of action, whether that’s dealing with the trouble on your own or calling in a tow truck for some assistance.

Here’s 4 tips for how to know when to handle roadside trouble yourself and when to call a tow truck:

Know When its Safe to Change a Tire

Flat tires are the most common type of roadside issue and they can certainly be dealt with yourself in many instances. However, it’s important to identify whether it is safe to change the tire where you are stranded.

For example, if it happens in a city street or a quiet country road during the day, then you may be able to handle it yourself, as the traffic isn’t too bad and you will be very visible to other drivers.

Never make the mistake of thinking it’s safe to change a tire anywhere though! If it’s night time or you are one a busier road like an interstate or highway, call the tow truck and wait for help, as the risks just aren’t worth it.

The same can be applied for most minor car issues – always avoid doing it yourself on busy or poorly lit roads, as there are no guarantee other drivers can see you when making repairs.

Don’t Do it Without the Tools

It’s an obvious one but still worth mentioning – if you don’t have the tools to fix the problem then call for a tow truck. Sometimes this seems like overkill, especially when dealing with a tire change or dead battery, yet it’s always better to call for help for a quick fix rather than waiting for another driver or walking miles to try source tools.

Never Take the Chance in Poor Weather

You should never risk repairs of any kind during poor weather conditions, including snow storms, heavy rainfall, high winds, frost, and any other extreme conditions. While some repairs may seem possible, other drivers may not see you on the road or be able to react safely when they do due to the poorer driving conditions.

Always Call a Tow Truck in Unknown Locations

Another important thing to remember is to always call a tow truck when you breakdown somewhere unfamiliar. Being a long way from home and stuck on the roadside is a daunting prospect, and while it may seem like you can fix the issue and get back on track, it’s not really worth the risk when you are so far from your home or a garage.

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