Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions at Plaza Towing

Q: What types of vehicles can be towed by Plaza Towing?

All regular passenger vehicles (including cars, vans, trucks, SUV’s), limousines, buses, medium duty and heavy duty trucks, tractors, trailers, motorhomes,  RV’s, fifth wheels, boats, motorcycles, forklifts and other miscellaneous or oversize equipment.

Q: Does Plaza Towing offer other services in addition to towing?

Yes we do, we are fully equipped to provide roadside assistance for services such as: auto battery replacement, jump starts, lock outs, tire changes, and fuel delivery.

Q: How can I find out if my car was towed by Plaza Towing?

Call our office at (760)775-4314 and a representative will be happy to help you.  For assistance you will need to be the current registered owner of the vehicle, and have the License Plate number or VIN number available.

Q: How do I go about getting my vehicle back?

If a Law Enforcement Agency ordered that your vehicle be towed, you will need a vehicle release form from that particular Law Enforcement Agency. You will need to contact that department to find out first if you need a release form, and also what they will require from you to issue that release.

If your vehicle was towed due to being involved in an accident, a release form will probably not be required.  If you are the current registered owner of the vehicle, you can visit our office to claim your vehicle, or you can have your vehicle released to your insurance company, providing Law Enforcement does not have a hold on it.

Q: Does my vehicle have to stay at Plaza Towing for 30 days?

There are several violations that allow a Law Enforcement Agency to put a hold on your vehicle for 30 days. To get more info about when you can retrieve your vehicle, please contact the Law Enforcement Agency that issued the vioation.

Q. What happens if I don't pick up my impounded vehicle?
Q: What types of payment do you accept?

To retrieve a stored or impounded vehicle, or for towing or service calls -we accept cash or credit card. *Credit Card payment may be subject to processing fees.

Q: Does Plaza Towing offer towing accounts for businesses?

Yes we offer towing accounts for businesses- please contact us at (760) 775-4314 for more details.

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