things you probably didnt know you could call a tow truck forWhen your vehicle breaks down, calling a tow truck is usually the first thing to do. After all, if there is one thing you need a tow truck for it is for vehicle recovery, but there are actually several other services available from tow truck companies. Not everyone realizes there is a lot more to tow trucks than simply towing, with some invaluable roadside assistance services available from most companies.

In fact, you may be better off calling your local tow truck company for roadside assistance, as they often get to your location quicker than the larger roadside assistance providers. Here are 4 things you probably didn’t know you could call a tow truck for:

Tire Change
Flat tires are one of the most common breakdown causes, but you don’t always need to get towed when your tire fails. This is because a tow truck technician is more than equipped to change tires on the spot, whether using your own spare or providing one for you.

Given how much quicker it is to change a burst tire than hook it up for recovery on the tow truck, most companies are happy to do on the spot tire changes.

Jump Start
Failed batteries are a nuisance that most vehicle owners deal with at some point. Thankfully, a jumpstart is usually enough to get the battery working again over the short-term, meaning no need to get towed for something as simple as a dead battery.

Every tow truck has a set of jumper cables on board for these problems, offering a quick fix for a common breakdown problem.

Fuel Delivery
Running out of gas mid-commute is one of the most irritating things to experience as a driver, mainly because it is such an avoidable issue. It does become more problematic when you run out of gas in an unknown location and at night, as there are risks to abandoning your vehicle in search of a gas station.

Instead, call a local tow truck company and request fuel delivery. This a simple service that most tow companies are happy to provide, as it’s just a case of locating the vehicle and refuelling the tank.

Lockout Services
Nothing is quite as frustrating as locking yourself out your vehicle, but accidents happen so it’s more than possible for any driver. The worst possible place for this to happen is somewhere away from home where you have no idea who can help you get back in.

If there aren’t any emergency locksmiths available you may be in for a long night- unless you call a tow truck. Yes, many tow truck companies provide lockout services to help drivers regain access to their vehicle. Fast responses mean you won’t be waiting too long while locked outside.

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