5 Tips for Safely Changing a Flat Tire on the Roadside

5-tips-safely-changing-flat-tire-roadsideIt doesn’t matter whether you have a new car or an old one, a tire blowout will occur at some point on the road. Everyone should know how to safely change a flat tire, especially in cases where you are in a remote area and can’t call for help.

Following are 5 tips for safely changing a flat tire on the roadside:

1. Make sure you have all the necessary tools with you

The first step of course is to make sure you have all the necessary tools in your trunk. You should have a spare tire, jack, and tire iron in the trunk at all times, because you wouldn’t be able to change your tire unless every one of these tools is available. Furthermore, it is recommended that you carry a wooden plank or a brick in your trunk, particularly if you do a lot of winter driving. These items will be helpful in preventing the vehicle from sliding when it is jacked up.

2. Pull over on the side of the road, out of traffic’s way

If you experience a tire blowout on the road while driving, it is recommended that you pull over on the side of the road to a safe stop out of traffic’s way. Remain calm and do not panic when it happens.

3. Make sure your vehicle is on a level surface

This is an important step. Before attempting to jack up your vehicle, make sure it is on a level surface. If it is not on a level surface, it is recommended that you find a better area and move your car up the road a little. Putting the vehicle in PARK would also be a good idea.

4. Jack up the vehicle and make sure it does not move during the process

Jacks vary depending on the type of the car. Read your owner’s manual in order to learn how to properly use the one that came with your car. Place some rocks or a brick (if you have it) behind the wheel on the opposite side before jacking up the car. This will ensure that your vehicle does not move during the process.

5. Perform all steps in the correct order

First, begin removing the lug nuts with a socket wrench.  Make sure you don’t lose these.  Then take the wheel off in order to remove the flat tire. Next, carefully put on the spare tire, then replace the wheel cover if there is one, and secure it with lug nuts. Next, slowly lower the vehicle just so the wheel touches the ground. Collect all the tools you used as well as the flat tire and put them in your trunk.


Tire blowouts can happen in the most inconvenient circumstances and in the most unlikely of places.  If such a situation arises, you will be able to get on your way quickly if you know how to safely change a flat tire. Remain calm and make sure you have all the necessary tools in your trunk all the time and you are good to go.  If you are not equipped, or able to safely take any of the above mentioned steps, you should call for emergency roadside assistance if possible.

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