Use Caution, Big Rig Drivers – These Are The 4 Most Common Reasons We Get Calls For Roadside Assistance With Semi Trucks

use-caution-big-rig-drivers-these-are-the-4-most-common-reasons-we-get-calls-for-roadside-assistance-with-semi-trucksBig Rig drivers face far more risks on the road than any other drivers. This makes perfect sense when you consider the size of semi-trucks and the difficulty in learning how to safely drive them. Plus, semi-trucks are more susceptible to certain issues than other vehicles, making them that much riskier to drive on the roads.

Semi-truck breakdowns are a nightmare for big rig drivers. Waiting for roadside assistance while holding a massive load of cargo with a strict delivery deadline is certainly stressful, so it helps to know what common issues cause semi-truck breakdowns to help avoid them in the future.

Here are the 4 most common reasons we get calls for roadside assistance with semi-trucks:

1. Tires

Tire failure is the most common cause for breakdowns on any type of vehicle, and semi-trucks are no different. In fact, semi-trucks are often more at risk from tire failure due to the huge pressure and constant wear and tear from long-haul drives.

However, semi-truck tires are designed to handle long distance driving and plenty of weight, so it’s usually down to poor maintenance such as under-inflation. So, always check tire pressure on your big rig, and keep an eye out for damaged treads too.

2. Brakes

Almost a third of semi-truck auto accidents are caused from braking problems, so this is something you should always monitor to avoid breakdowns or even worse. Semi-truck brakes are more susceptible to failure as they are exposed to more friction, air pressure, water and oil, causing it to wear down and eventually fail.

Check your brakes often and thoroughly, especially if driving in extreme temperatures for extended durations.

3. Electrical Systems

Given the size and function of a big rig, it’s no surprise that it features a wide range of onboard electronics that may cause issues if left unchecked. Even if the engine is fine, issues with electrical systems may cause the semi-truck to break down in the most inopportune time.

Semi-truck electrical systems consist of starter motor, battery, and alternator, so if any of these were to fail then the vehicle isn’t going anywhere. Be on the lookout for issues with the lighting, batteries, and potent odors, as these are signs of battery troubles, which are common causes of breakdowns.

4. Cooling Systems

Most semi-truck breakdowns caused by cooling systems are due to faulty connections. So, the more connections a semi-truck’s cooling systems has, the more chance there is of losing coolant. As the main cause of failure in a cooling system is due to cooling loss, be sure to monitor connections for possible leakages.

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