The Top 4 Ways to Avoid the Need for a Tow During the Holidays

the-top-4-ways-to-avoid-the-need-for-a-tow-during-the-holidaysWith the holiday season in full swing, it’s a time where families and friends come together to celebrate the festivities. This means an increase in winter travelling, which can be quite dangerous in the colder regions.

From icy roads to piles of snow, there are some elements that can make winter driving even more dangerous, while the cold weather can also wreak havoc on a vehicle.

This leads many to one of the most dreaded aspects of driving during the holidays – a breakdown. Needing to call a tow truck is bad enough at any time of the year, but add in the low temperatures and extreme weather conditions, and it becomes even worse.

Waiting in a cold car for a tow truck isn’t the best of experiences – just imagine it occurring on Christmas day or New Years Eve! Preparation is key here, as taking the time to check your car over the holidays makes it much easier to avoid the need for a tow!

Here are 4 car maintenance tips to help avoid the need for a tow during the holidays:

1. Check your lights

Checking lights is important during the winter months, as the weather tends to result in poor visibility on many roads. This increases the risks of accidents, so always make sure they are working inside and outside. Also, take the time to clean them to ensure the roads are well lit.

2. Constantly monitor your tires

Tires in working condition help to avoid breakdowns and the need for a tow, so always be vigilant during the holiday season. Check their pressure and tread at least once a week, looking for signs of wear and tear and improper pressure levels.

Doing so should reduce chances of skidding and losing control on those icy or snowy roads.

3. Have the battery inspected

Cold weather takes its toll on a car battery, so always take the time to have its condition inspected. The more you check it the better, as temperatures can quickly drop so it helps to be well-prepared. Flat batteries are a leading cause for roadside assistance during the holidays, so don’t take the risk!

4. Prepare the cooling system

Water in the cooling systems often freezes over the winter, so it’s important to prepare it with some antifreeze. However, doing this yourself is rather tricky, as you need to add the right amount of antifreeze into the system. Consider going to your local mechanic to get this done professionally.

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