Need Roadside Assistance on Your RV Road Trip? Stay Safe with These 3 Tips.

roadside assistance on your rv road tripNothing quite compares to hitting the open road in an RV. It’s an exciting adventure for all involved, being a fantastic way for seeing all the amazing sites the country has to offer. Everything you need is found in a single vehicle that will be your home for the foreseeable future, with nothing to worry about except your next destination – or so it seems.

Going on a road trip in an RV is an incredible experience with little downside, except when your vehicle breaks down and you need to call roadside assistance. Given the size of an RV, you cannot take the same approach to roadside safety during a breakdown, so stay safe with these 3 tips:

Steer to Safety First
Before you even consider calling roadside assistance, it’s important to drive your RV to as safe a location as possible, as this is a massive vehicle that could be a significant risk to other drivers. Slowly drive off the road at the first opportunity, pulling over at a gas station, rest stop or even just a shoulder on the freeway whenever possible. If it seems very dangerous to drive, just look for anywhere away from the road, driving slowly to avoid further problems. Put your blinkers on, get everyone out of the vehicle and away from the side of the road. From here, call roadside safety and wait for their arrival.

Make Yourself Visible if Possible
A huge issue when waiting for an RV is visibility. It’s certainly not hard to miss the vehicle, but those standing nearby could be far less visible to other drivers on the road. So, it helps to have any sort of reflective clothing or objects saved for an emergency, such as a high visibility vest or cones. As you’re on a road trip there is a good chance you have an emergency pack ready for such issues, so don’t forget to pack some reflective items to help stay visible when waiting for assistance. In any case, always stand far away from the vehicle to reduce the risks!

Check for Vehicle Issues if Safe
If there is enough space to check the vehicle for a possible problem, it’s a good idea to do so. The main reason for this is to establish any problems that could be a danger to you and your family as they wait for assistance. For example, if there is smoke bellowing from sections of the RV then you need to stay well clear in case it catches fire. Other problems can be identified and explained to the tow company you call, as this will hopefully help them quickly get the RV back up and running when possible.

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