Don’t Trust Just Anybody Who Pulls Over to Help You When You Are Stuck. Ask These 5 Questions When A Tow Truck Driver Arrives to Make Sure They Are Who You Are Expecting Them to Be

dont-trust-just-anybody-who-pulls-over-to-help-you-when-you-are-stuckWhether it is a flat tire, vehicle breakdown, or a road accident, you will need to hire the services of a towing company. Towing companies prove to be very helpful in such scenarios as they can get you out of the unfortunate situation quickly. However, towing scams are high these days so it is recommended that you take certain precautions when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

Here are 5 tips to follow when hiring a towing service as well as when the tow truck driver arrives:

1. Ask the Dispatcher for Driver’s I.D. and Other Details

When you contact the towing company, it is recommended that you ask the dispatcher for the name of the tow truck driver as well as the license plate of the truck that will be dispatched to you. This information will be helpful in verifying the tow truck driver when he arrives.

2. Verify the Tow Truck Driver’s Identity

When the tow truck driver arrives at your location for help, you should verify his identity in order to make sure that it is the person that you expected. As mentioned above, towing scams are high these days and there are unscrupulous people that will swoop in to help you tow your vehicle and charge you for the effort. It is recommended that you check for the signage on the truck as well as ask the driver for identification. If none of the details match the description that the dispatcher provided, then refuse the help and wait for the real help (the truck from the towing company you called) to arrive.

3. Call the Towing Company for Clarification

Don’t hesitate to call the towing company if there is any confusion or you are having difficulty verifying the identity of the tow truck driver. They will be more than happy to clear things up for you.

4. Don’t Give Out Too Much Personal Information

Tow truck companies don’t need too much information in order to help you tow your vehicle and get you out of the unfortunate situation. So, if the tow truck driver is asking for information, then it is recommended that you don’t give out too much personal or insurance-related information.

5. Don’t Put Your Car on the Tow Truck Until You See the Bill

There are many things involved when it comes to towing your vehicle. It is not just about transporting your vehicle from one place to another. There are specific fees for towing/storing the vehicle as well as various other charges. Before towing your car, any reputable towing company will provide you a list of all the charges. If the tow truck driver does not hand you the paperwork or he hesitates to answer any of your questions, then refuse the help. Also, you can always call the towing company for clarification.

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