Common Misconceptions About Towing Companies Towing companies often get a bad rap. Despite providing an invaluable service during emergencies, towing is a service that many people love to hate. We’d argue that most of the people that warn you about the dangers of using a tow company are the people that have never had to use one in an emergency!

As a result, many people avoid getting a tow truck at any cost, even when it may be the best or only option available after an auto incident. Most of the fears about using a tow company are misconceptions that are quite far from the truth. Here are 4 common misconceptions about towing companies you shouldn’t believe!

Their service is overpriced
Easily one of the biggest misconceptions regarding towing companies is the amount of money they charge. Countless people lament the price of hiring a tow truck for roadside assistance, but when you understand the various expenses involved in the service, it makes a lot of sense why tow fees are priced this way.

This cost includes the hiring of the tow truck itself, which is an expensive vehicle to operate and maintain, along with the distance to the location of the vehicle. As breakdowns tend to happen at inopportune times and places, the drive for a tow truck can sometimes be long.

Because of these key factors, pricing can vary significantly, although it’s worth noting that most tow companies charge a relatively modest fee when accounting for the running costs of their service.

Towing is all they offer
Tow companies usually offer much more than just towing a damaged vehicle. In most cases that is just part of a wider range of roadside assistance services available, with other services including jump-starts, tire changes, and lockout assistance.

So, if you’re ever in a pinch and need some roadside assistance, remember that tow truck companies have a lot more to offer beyond their basic towing service.

Towing isn’t available in rural areas
Lots of drivers think tow trucks aren’t available in rural locations, but this simply isn’t the case. While it may be difficult to get assistance from a larger company based in many areas of the country, smaller regional towing companies are always available for those more difficult to reach locations.

Should there not be any small tow companies in a rural area during a breakdown, most established companies can arrange to come help. Of course, driving from further away does increase the cost of the tow, but this is rarely a bad thing in emergency breakdowns in the middle of nowhere.

Tow trucks take forever to arrive
A big reason many people avoid calling a tow truck is the misconception that it takes them hours to arrive. While waiting long for roadside assistance is certainly possible, it’s only usually in rural spots or when the weather has made driving conditions hazardous.
Most tow companies arrive within half an hour of your call, with it being rare to have to wait longer than an hour.

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