3 Common Uses for a Rotator Tow TruckVehicles break down when you least expect it. Whether they are on the road or in a parking lot, there comes a time when you need the help of a towing company to tow your vehicle to an auto repair shop. Furthermore, there are moments when you have to call in the big dogs. Light to medium duty tow trucks simply won’t do. In such situations, you need a large rotator tow truck. There are many other situations where the help of a rotator tow truck is invaluable. This type of tow truck has many uses.

Following are 3 common uses for a rotator tow truck:

1. Heavy-Duty Towing
You don’t send a boy to do a man’s job. A rotator tow truck is one of the heaviest and the largest tow trucks available. It has several varieties. While some certain types of heavy-duty tow trucks feature a fixed boom, others have pivoting parts. The rotator tow truck is one of the pivoting varieties but it features a crane-like arm. Since the rotator tow truck is one of the heaviest and the largest of all tow trucks, it is commonly used in accidents that involve heavy vehicles such as large trucks and tractor trailers. Some models of this powerful tow truck have the capacity to lift up to 70 tons. So, it is no surprise that these types of trucks are frequently used for heavy-duty towing.

2. Towing from an Embankment or Ditch
Weather can sometimes cause accidents of all sizes. Freeways and highways become slick and icy in the winter making travel difficult. It’s not uncommon for accidents to happen and sometimes no two accidents are of the same type. Vehicles sometimes end up behind guard rails or down in ditches making it tough to safely recover them back to the road for towing. These are the situations when a rotator tow truck comes in handy. It is usually called upon to tow vehicles from places they cannot usually get out of, such as a ditch. The arm of these trucks can rotate 360 degrees and can easily extend a height of about 30 feet, which means it is better suited than most other types of tow trucks to handle difficult roadside situations.

3. Recoveries from Freeways
Accidents on freeways are quite common. Often, doing recoveries on freeways require the police to shut down different lanes of traffic (if not the entire freeway) in order for the tow trucks to do their job. In such situations, using a rotator tow truck is highly beneficial as it requires a relatively smaller area to upright or winch trucks/equipment back to the road safely and efficiently. Since you can turn the boom of the rotator tow truck, it fits the requirements of various jobs. Furthermore, it also works parallel to the wreck which means more lanes of the freeway will remain open, hence some of the traffic disruption will be eliminated.

In conclusion, the advantages of rotator tow trucks are numerous. There are several situations where using these trucks would be an ideal choice.

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