Be Careful of These 6 Most Dangerous Times to Drive

be-careful-of-these-6-most-dangerous-times-to-driveTow truck drivers have seen it all when it comes to auto accidents. With so many drivers on the roads, there always going to be an inherent risk when driving, but there are certain times that are much more dangerous than others.

Be careful of these 6 most dangerous times to drive:

1. Evening Rush Hour

While morning rush hour is also a dangerous time to drive, evening rush hour edges it out due to the sheer number of drivers that are now tired from a long day’s work. This, combined with the added focus of getting home as quickly as possible, makes even rush hour the most dangerous time of the day for driving.

2. Saturday

Traffic fatalities are at their highest over the weekend, with Saturday seeing the most accidents. The number of fatalities on a Saturday is almost double the average for weekdays, which makes sense when you consider the higher number of vehicles traveling on weekends, namely Saturdays.

3. Summer

One of the most dangerous times of the year to drive in is during the summer months, with August and June being two of the most dangerous, followed by September. Summer vacations play a big role in this, especially with younger drivers, leading to a higher number of accidents during these months compared to any other.

4. Fourth of July

Most national holidays are dangerous times to drive, but the Fourth of July has long been one of the most dangerous. Festivities tend to play a role with this, along with the fact that most people are off work and likely traveling somewhere to celebrate.

5. Holiday Season

The holiday season begins around Thanksgiving and runs until after the New Year, and these are some of the most dangerous times to be on the roads. Families around the country travel far and wide to be with loved ones over the holidays, and the roads are a lot busier as a result.

This makes it very dangerous, especially on Christmas Day and Thanksgiving.

6. Winter

This goes hand in hand with the holiday season, as the winter weather coincides with the festive period for most of the country. Because of winter weather, roads become significantly more dangerous, with ice and snow causing a huge number of accidents.

Not all areas of the country suffer from severe winter weather, but those that do face increased dangers when hitting the road.

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