6 Ways to Avoid Getting Your Vehicle Stuck in Mud, Sand, Dirt, or Snow

6-ways-to-avoid-getting-your-vehicle-stuck-in-mud-sand-dirt-or-snowWe all have to drive on less than ideal road surfaces from time to time. These are one of those situations that cannot be avoided. However, you can take certain precautions to make sure that your vehicle doesn’t get stuck in dirt, mud, sand, or snow. Although these road conditions vary greatly from one another, the tips to drive safely on them are roughly the same.

Follow these 6 tips to avoid getting your vehicle stuck in mud, sand, dirt, or snow:

1. Make Sure to Slightly Deflate Your Tires

In order to make sure that your tires have maximum contact with the surface, it is recommended that you slightly deflate them when traveling in mud, deep sand, or snow. Deflating them will allow for better traction, however keep in mind that your clearance will be lower so the contact of tires with the ground over rough terrain with deep potholes will be occasional. So you will have to drive carefully, bearing this in mind. Reinflate your tires once you are on an ideal road surface.

2. Perform Physical Inspection of the Path

If you are unsure of the road conditions ahead, then it would be a good idea to get out of your vehicle and do a physical inspection of the path. Doing this will alert you to unusual conditions and make it easier for you to plan your route and avoid hazards.

3. Drive Steadily and Maintain Momentum

While driving slowly is highly recommended in sand, snow, or mud, maintaining momentum is equally important. You can travel at a steady speed easily if you engage higher gears, however you should throttle back a little if the wheels start to spin. It will help you regain traction.

4. Try to Drive in a Straight Line

If you have inspected the path ahead, then you should be able to map out a series of straight-line paths. Make sure to drive in those straight paths whenever possible.

5. Never Use Brakes Suddenly

If you are driving in sand, then it is recommended that you avoid using brakes because braking will create a deep rut from which you will have difficulty emerging. If you need to stop then simply slow down your vehicle and it will come to rest eventually. Never travel at an angle when traversing sand dunes. Make sure to drive straight up and straight down.

6. Watch Out for Deep Ruts

Watch out for deep ruts when driving in mud or dirt. The tires of your vehicle will naturally follow the direction of the rut, that’s why it is important to remember where your front wheels are pointing. Regain traction if your front wheels suddenly enter a dry patch. Make sure to point the wheels in the direction of the rut when regaining traction.


It may be difficult to rely on roadside assistance when you are traveling off-road. That’s why it is highly recommended that you follow the above mentioned tips so that you can prevent any trouble from happening in the first place.

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