5 Situations You Will Definitely Want to Call a Tow Truck For

reasons to call a tow truckOne thing that any driver wants to avoid is dealing with car trouble when out on the roads. Few things can be worse, and when you consider just how many different things can go wrong for a vehicle, facing these situations can appear daunting.

Oddly enough, not every driver will feel it’s necessary to call for a tow truck in the event of car problems. Often its easier to assume you can fix the issue yourself, and there will be times when this is the case.

Tow trucks offer a life-line for many distressed drivers dealing with vehicle issues in remote locations. They can bring you and your vehicle straight to the nearest mechanic, ensuring you don’t have to spend time on the roadside as you try to work out a solution.

However, more often than not you will want to call for help when dealing with car troubles out on the roads. In fact, there are many situations where the best idea is to call a tow truck for help.

Let’s take a look at five of the most common situations where you will definitely want to call a tow truck:

1. The Engine Overheats

There’s many different ways in which an engine can overheat, and none of them are good! From leaked water pumps to damaged fan belts, there’s a number of reasons that your engine might get to heated and shut down, causing the vehicle to come to a standstill.

Any engine that is overheating should be immediately taken to a mechanic, so when this happens out on the road, you need to get a tow truck on the phone asap!

2. Collisions

An obvious reason yet still one worth mentioning – colliding with another driver will more than likely mean you need to call a tow truck!

Granted the severity of the collision will determine this, and sometimes collisions are unavoidable due to other drivers, but it’s still an accident that will likely need a tow truck to help with.

Even if there appears to be minor damage, tow truck operators will be able to determine the true extent of the damage and take the best route of action. Never take the risk of driving after a collision until you are certain it is 100% safe, and tow truck mechanics will be able to tell you this!

3. Run Out of Gas

Running out of gas isn’t the greatest feeling for any driver, and when it results in needing to call a tow truck, it feels all the more embarrassing.

Yet we are all human and forgetting about gas is a lot more common than most would assume. It also happens to be very dangerous if you are stranded on the side of a highway or miles away from the nearest gas station, particularly when you have passengers onboard.

Some tow truck services may even be able to bring the gas to you for at a reasonable cost, saving time and money!

4. Flat Tire

Tires can get flat when you least suspect it. Be it from low pressure, damaged treads, or a foreign object on the road that causes the flat, there’s a few reasons why tires can give out mid-drive.

Granted, there are many people that can change a tire when this occurs, not everyone knows this, which is why you may need to call a tow truck for assistance.

Now, the tow truck may be able to replace the tire should you have the spare there, otherwise its just a case of taking you and the vehicle to a location where it can get replaced.

5. Breakdowns

Car breakdowns can take almost any shape and form, including those previously mentioned on this list. Many times it’s hard to even establish what has gone wrong, let alone working out how to fix it.

Any time your car breaks down without warning or explanation, simply call a tow truck. Not only will they be able to pick you and your car up from whatever location your stranded at, but also work out what caused the breakdown in the first place.

You never know, the tow truck operator may be able to fix the problem on the spot!

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