4 Reasons to Use a Flatbed Tow Truck the Next Time You Need a Tow

4-Reasons-to-Use-a-Flatbed-Tow-Truck-the-Next-Time-You-Need-a-TowWhen it comes to vehicle related problems or vehicle accidents, hiring the services of a towing company will give you the help you need to get your vehicle on the road again. While there are many towing options to choose from, flatbed tow trucks are the best option for towing certain types of vehicles as they are designed in such a way that makes transporting vehicles easier. Flatbed tow trucks can handle the weight and shape of any vehicle with ease. So, if you want to transport a unique vehicle from one place to another, such as a nearby auto repair shop, a flatbed tow truck is your best towing option.

Following are 4 reasons to use a flatbed tow truck the next time you need a tow:

1. Safety

As far as the safety of your vehicle is concerned, flatbed tow trucks are the safest option available. This is particularly for those vehicles that can’t be easily towed by a traditional tow truck. A flatbed tow truck keeps your vehicle off the road and as a result, protects the tires and keeps them from wearing unevenly. On the other hand, if your car is wrecked and you choose to have it towed by a traditional hook and chain truck, the risk of damage is pretty high as it will pull your car with the front wheels hoisted off the ground which will put your vehicle’s engine, tires, and bumper at further risk of damage – particularly over bumpy or rough terrain. That’s why a flatbed tow truck is a recommended option as it will place all four wheels of your car on a flat surface and the risk of damage during the transportation will be much lower.

2. Versatility

Flatbed tow trucks are versatile as compared to traditional tow trucks that have a limit in the types of vehicles they can transport. Flatbed trucks can load a variety of vehicles including cars, trucks, classic and exotic vehicles, SUVs, and virtually anything that fits on the flatbed. They are also suitable for transporting low-height cars and motorcycles. In short, flatbed tow trucks are an excellent towing solution for almost all types of vehicles.

3. Towing Misshapen Vehicles

Sometimes as a result of a severe road accident, vehicles become misshapen and do not maintain their original form. Transporting such vehicles on traditional tow trucks is quite a challenge if not impossible. This is where flatbed tow trucks come in. Flatbed trucks can tow vehicles in all conditions and in all shapes.

4. Relatively More Convenient

When using other methods for towing such as a dolly, you will need to consider avoiding transmission damage. In order to do that, you will need to remove the drive shaft of the vehicle, which will make the job more complicated and time-consuming. On the other hand, pulling a damaged vehicle onto a flatbed is a relatively simple task as removing the drive shaft is not necessary.All you need to do is simply drive the car up onto the ramp of flatbed truck and secure it in place for easy transport.

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