4 Different Types of Tow Trucks and What They Are Used For

different tow truck typesVehicles break down when you least expect it. Whether they do it in a parking lot, on the road, or in your garage, there comes a time when you need to hire the services of a towing company in order to have them bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop. There are many types of vehicles designed for towing. Each of those vehicles are used for different towing purposes and offer a specific set of benefits. All you need to do is determine which one is suitable for you.

Following are 4 different types of tow trucks and what they are used for:

1. Flatbed Tow Trucks

Flatbed tow trucks are one of the most common and widely used towing vehicles in the world. A flatbed truck has a long empty bed with a flat top. Hydraulics are used to move the flatbed upwards and downwards. What makes flatbed trucks easy-to-use is that you can simply drive your vehicle up the ramp, or have it pulled up. They are also helpful in transporting vehicles which have had a roadside problem or have been involved in an accident. A wide variety of vehicles and boats can be transported on flatbed tow trucks. They are also one of the safest ways to tow vehicles.

2. Integrated Tow Truck

Integrated tow trucks are used in heavy-duty purposes as they are much more specialized. They are used to transport other rigs or buses. An integrated tow truck has extra axles for added stability/strength and it’s arm is much more embedded in the core of the truck.

3. Hook and Chain Tow Trucks

Hook and chain tow trucks are used to tow all kinds of cargo. These trucks were used widely in the past, but now knowing that a lot of pressure is applied on the towed vehicles in this method, it is no longer so common. Wrapped chain can damage or scratch the vehicle, so it is recommended that you use this option only if you are transporting a wrecked car to a junkyard. Furthermore, the hook and chain tow trucks cannot be used on all-wheel and 4×4 drives because it can damage the drivetrain. Nowadays, the hook and chain tow trucks are mainly used for junk automobiles and wrecked automobiles, because when transporting those vehicles additional damage to the bumper, etc does not matter.

4. Wheel-Lift Tow Truck

Wheel-lift tow trucks have a mechanism similar to the hook and chain tow trucks. However, they use a metal yoke instead of chains and cause less damage to the towed vehicle. The metal yoke is hooked under the rear or front wheels. A pneumatic hoist or hydraulic lift suspends the rear or front side of the vehicle in order to lift it from the ground and pull it away. Front wheel drive vehicles are pulled by their entrance wheels. While wheel-lift tow trucks are not as safe or protected as flatbed tow trucks, they are relatively inexpensive.

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