3 Types of Very Large Vehicles That Can Actually Be Towed by a Tow Truck

3-types-of-very-large-vehicles-that-can-actually-be-towed-by-a-tow-truckLarge in size and extremely powerful, heavy-duty tow trucks are equipped with amplified recovery systems and the pulling power to successfully offer help in the most demanding heavy vehicle towing and recovery situations – from accidents, to high centers (for example bottoming out), to rollovers, etc. Furthermore, these trucks are equipped with wheel-lift and under-reach technology that makes them proficient at providing damage-free, high-powered towing. Hence, these trucks specialize in towing some of the very large vehicles on the road today.

Following are 3 types of very large vehicles that can be towed by a tow truck:

1. Buses

Towing a commercial bus can present a variety of challenges. The length and shape of these large vehicles make them quite difficult to haul without special equipment.That’s where heavy-duty tow trucks play their part. These tow trucks are capable of efficiently and safely towing any type of bus anywhere you need them to.Furthermore, some reputed companies outfit their trucks with specialized equipment to prevent ground effects and skirting during long-distance towing. Extended wheel lifts help get to deep axels and make sure the bus is safely towed to its destination.

2. Semi tractor-trailers

When it comes to challenging towing situations, there is no match for heavy-duty tow trucks. Whether you have a disabled single axle trailer or semi-tractor, these tow trucks can easily transport it to your required destination. Depending on the type of vehicle, most towing companies use their customized hook up equipment to ensure safety and protection. Furthermore, specialized training is required as without it, towing semi tractor-trailers could be disastrous and could cause a lot of damage to the vehicle.That’s why it is recommended to hire the services of a company for your semi tractor-trailer towing that has well-trained drivers and operators. In this way, you will make sure that your large vehicle is moved without any damage.

3. Bobtails, straight trucks

Heavy-duty tow trucks are specially designed to tow very large vehicles and equipment efficiently and safely. Those large vehicles also include bobtails and straight trucks. With a heavy-duty tow truck, you can easily handle the transport of bobtails and tow them to any location you want. Furthermore, their wheel lift and under-reach capabilities ensure damage-free, safe towing. They can even transport specialty equipment, heavy equipment, ora variety of vehicles at once.

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