The Top 5 Reasons Semi Trucks Need Roadside AssistanceSemi-trucks face many more road risk than normal vehicles, which is to be expected given the size of big rigs and the average distance they travel. Driving a semi-truck is challenging enough on its own, so when you consider all the added safety risks when driving it becomes clear why obtaining a license to drive these vehicles is so difficult.

Unsurprisingly, most semi-trucks require roadside assistance at some point, especially if the vehicle is older, while the overall driving conditions and skill of the driver can determine how frequent and severe the breakdowns are.

Here are the top 5 reasons that semi-trucks need roadside assistance:

Tire Failure
Much like most normal vehicle breakdowns are attributed to tire failure, semi-trucks typically require roadside assistance due to tire problems. In fact, tire failure is much more common in semi-trucks because of the huge loads the tires are transporting and the massive distances they travel.
As a result, tire wear occurs much more frequently with semi-trucks, even when they are designed to withstand the wear and tear of long-distance travel. In most cases, poor inflation and a lack of proper maintenance significantly increases the likelihood of tire failure.

Approximately one third of all semi-truck breakdowns occur due to the brakes. This happens because the drum brake and discs on semi-trucks face much more friction, air pressure, and extreme weather conditions than most vehicles, leading them to fail much quicker.
Various factors can exasperate the issue further, such as air leakages, rusting and corrosion, and internal water contamination. Again, regular maintenance can greatly reduce the wearing on semi-truck brakes to avoid breakdowns in the future.

Semi-trucks are massive vehicles so it’s not too surprising to see that they have much larger and more complex electrical systems. Yet these systems are often a leading cause of the vehicle breaking down unless they are properly maintained

There are 3 main electricals in a semi-truck including a start motor, alternator, and battery. Should any of these fail then the semi-truck will either break down or not start in the first place! Many of these problems are linked to the battery dying, so always inspect the battery and pay attention to any odd smells that develop inside the truck as these may be due to a leaking battery.

Misplaced Keys
Any big rig driver will be embarrassed about locking themselves out of their truck, but the truth is that this happens quite often! With regular stops across a long-haul drive it’s understandable how drivers can misplace keys when jumping into a gas station or a diner.
Thankfully, the issue is one of the easier problems to address, with most towing companies able to provide locksmithing services for this type of situation.

Cooling Systems
Semi-trucks feature various connections that keep the cooling system operational, so if any of these connections come apart then the entire system fails. This means that the larger big rigs are more susceptible to breakdowns from leaking coolant because there are more connections to maintain.
Always keep an eye on coolant connections throughout the vehicle to ensure there are no leakages!

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