12 Things to Remember to Bring With You to the Coachella Music FestivalThis year’s Coachella is just around the corner and looks set to be bigger than ever. While you’re guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience visiting Coachella, it’s important to remember to bring the essential supplies to make your time more enjoyable and less stressful.

After all, this is a weekend-long music festival in a desert climate, so you need to be prepared for the conditions! Here are 12 things to remember to bring with you to the Coachella music festival:


The searing heat is what makes Coachella so popular but the novelty quickly wears off without any protection from the sun. A hat is a must-have for keeping the sun off your head and face while keeping you cool, plus it can cover those less than perfect hairstyles that appear several days into the festival!

Another obvious addition but one you cannot forget – you’ll be kicking yourself if you go to a festival in the desert without good sunglasses!

A good alternative for a hat but also nice for wrapping around your face if the desert dust kicks up. Better still, soak in water and wrap it around your head or neck for a nice cooldown!

Comfortable Shoes
You’ll be doing a lot of walking and dancing over the weekend, so avoid the mistake of fancy footwear or going barefoot, both of which will only leave your feet worse.


There isn’t a lot shade at Coachella and the sun is bearing down for most of the day, so sunscreen is a must for your own comfort and protection. Bring extra just to be safe and never forgot to reapply several times a day.

Hand Sanitizer
Festivals are fun but not the cleanest, while access to sinks to wash your hands are often limited, so bring some hand sanitizer to keep your hands hygienic and clean away all the dirt and dust.

Wet Wipes
Wet wipes are a versatile accessory that can be used to clean your face, hands, and pretty much anywhere else – showering options are limited so these may be your only option for staying fresh and clean.


Never forgot to remain hydrated – you’re in desert conditions that can be dangerous without proper hydration.

Fresh Fruit
Helps keep you hydrated and gives a nice refreshing bite to eat. You may need a cooler to keep this and your water cool.


Battery Jumper Cables
If you’re using your car at the festival for music and charging your electronic devices, be mindful that the car battery may die before you leave. Battery jumper cables are essential for ensuring you don’t remain stranded coming to or from the festival if a battery dies!

Spare Can of Gas
Again, you never want to be stranded in the desert getting to Coachella or trying to get home! A spare can of gas is a good way to avoid a nightmare breakdown!

Roadside Service Membership Info
Even the best prepared drivers may find their car breaking down at Coachella, so make sure you have all roadside service membership info just in case you need assistance. This is especially true if your car breaks down on the way to the festival – you want to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

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